Fabric information

As part of an ongoing commitment to innovation, we are continually sourcing advanced fabrics that offer improved performance, durability, comfort and value.
These are some of our favourite fabrics:

DTY pharmacy jacket

Repreve® recycled polyester

Repreve is a sustainable polyester fibre made from recycled plastics including plastic bottles. Repreve not only actively reduces plastic waste, it also offsets the use of new materials, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves more water and energy in the manufacturing process.

We began using Repreve in 2015 in an effort to reduce our environmental impact, and continue to look for opportunities to incorporate it into more products. Repreve offers great performance benefits, durability and comfort, making it perfect for corporate and healthcare uniforms and workwear. 

Thermal comfort suiting

For our women's suiting separates we selected an advanced and innovative fabric that helps keep you comfortable in both warm and cool climates.

TruTemp 365 is an innovative fibre technology with thermal comfort and moisture wicking properties. TruTemp365 creates a microclimate between you and the garment, trapping heat when you’re cold, and releasing it when you're warm. The unique fibre shape also allows air to pass through and wicks moisture away to keep you cool and dry. These properties are embedded in the fibre so will last the life of the garment.

Our premium Stretch TruTemp365 fabric is more comfortable and durable than standard uniform fabrics. It is also wrinkle resistant (no ironing) and protects against soils like sweat and grass. 

DTY integrated lapel jacket

Milano knitwear

Milano is a unique and robust type of knit. It is made using a hi-twist yarn in a compact stitch, creating a knit structure that has outstanding stretch and recovery properties for excellent shape retention and support.

Versatile and durable, Milano knitwear is machine washable, fade resistant and will not snag or pill easily. It offers a superior option to traditional wool blend, acrylic or cotton knitwear.