Care guide

Paying a bit of extra attention to how you care for your garments will help make your uniform last longer and look better.

DTY care guide


Hot iron:

Avoid using a hot iron as it can permanently burn fabrics, particularly synthetic fabrics like Polyester. Make sure your iron is on the correct setting before ironing.


Avoid bleach and detergents with activated enzymes. They can cause discolouring and cause the fabric to deteriorate over time.

Tumble drying:

We do not recommend using tumble dryers. The heat from tumble drying can make fabrics shrink and warp. This is especially important for synthetic fabrics like polyester.

Add vinegar:

Add a good splash of plain white vinegar to every wash. It will make colours look brighter and remove unpleasant odours. It also helps keep your washing machine free of limescale.


When drying knitwear it’s best to lay the garment flat on a towel in the shade. Hanging wet knitwear on a line or a hanger can make the garment stretch.


Attend to stains immediately before they dry out. Stain removers can be effective, but always test it first on a hidden part of the garment.